Welcome to High Society BBS! (We're back!)

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    High Society BBS welcomes back all of our old friends!

    Everyone is here waiting for you to return and the best part of it all? No more begging for credits! It's free!!!

    You'll probably want to telnet in. Why? Well, because all your favorite games and add-ons are available that way. Here's a list of the add-ons currently on High Society BBS:

    FAZUUL, Kyrandia, Quest for Magic, The Rose-Council of Guardians, GridLoc, Professional Backgammon, Tournament Chess, Mancala, Super Lotto, Bridge, Cross-Wordz, Hangman, Wheel of Fame, Lords of Cyberspace, MUD Magic, Lunatix, MajorMUD, Oltima 2000, Swords of Chaos, Super Nova, Telechat Trivia, Log Master, Mage Connection, Tournament Lord, Brawl, GalactiWars, Galactic Empire, Tournament Othello, The Casino, Yahtzee, Zorgon, ThinkDice, Instant Lotto, Blox, Electronic Fairways, PIG, BladeMaster, Star Traders, War of Worlds, Slot Machines, Robowars, Craps, Biorhythm, Tournament Checkers and Global Commands.

    Keep in mind that we are adding more all the time. We have been porting them from old DOS versions of MajorBBS and WorldGroup, so this process takes time.

    If you prefer not to use our web interface, there are many connectivity options. You can telnet to the system (telnet://hs.host.net) or use the Client/Server software that will be available for download on this page shortly, or you can even dial up like the old days. The phone numbers will be posted shortly..

    Have JAVA installed? Click here for a nifty little JAVA telnet client and then telnet to hs.host.net.